2 Weeks After 1st PRRT

“Beware the Ides of March!” may have been suitable for Julius Caesar, but the Ides have been good to me this year. Yesterday was 2 weeks after my 1st PRRT treatment and all is well.

  • The first week after PRRT, I had some of the symptoms which were predicted: nausea (not much), pain in abdomen ( only once or twice a day, fatigue ( i was sleeping almost 12 hours a day), Joint and muscle pain for parts of my day.
  • The second week after PRRT, much of the fatigue is gone, there has been indigestion on a couple of evenings, the abdominal pain has stopped occurring. The joint and muscle pain is still with me but is tolerable.
  • I am no longer a radiation danger to children, so I can see my grandchildren.
  • For about a week, I have been walking outdoors for a half hour to a full hour (not fast but steady)(except for the day of the blizzard when I shoveled snow).
  • A few day ago, I had my first lab test. These tests will be repeated every two weeks during the cycle of treatments to make sure that the PRRT is not lowering my white blood cell count too much. I was told that the count will be lower and will not bounce back, so we must make sure that it is not going too low.

Three more treatments to go! They say that each treatment can produce different symptoms with different severity for any patient. Also, we cannot know how effective the treatments have been until I have a scan after the last treatment late this year.

My next treatment may be in about six weeks. We may have to schedule it later because of travel plans.

Laurie and I are going to the Yucatan Peninsula in late April and hoping that my radioactivity does not screw up the travel. We also want to visit our son and his family in Scotland in the late spring/early summer again worried about my radioactivity. We will see.


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  1. Glad your side effects are mostly gone. I have been done for six months but in my opinion I am still having some fatigue. Dr. Said, could be or perhaps it’s age or maybe it’s stress from moving.Never been75 before so don’t know if that’s it.

  2. Cy – I am so grateful for all that you’ve shared. Have been searching for some time for this information. Sounds like you’ve had at least a palatable experience. I will have my first (of 4) PRRT on Wednesday and have been slightly anxious about what to expect. We travel a lot as well and have grandchildren so I can relate to many of your concerns. I wish you the best!

  3. I had prrt in basal Switzerland in 2009 three times, and after each treatment the professor or dr would fill out a form stating I was radioactive from the treatment to get me through customs as I would set their alarm off . On one occasion we stopped in Washington, D.C. on the way home to visit my daughter in Virginia and went through customs there without setting the alarm off and forgetting to show them my form. I wondered about our customs compared to the Swiss as I set it off every time oVer there.
    If traveling close to your prrt have dr. Liu fill out proper form and I think you will be fine.

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