2nd PRRT Yesterday, Some Complication.

The second PRRT treatment went much the same as the first (see https://cyrilfb.com/carcinoid-cancer/yesterdays-prrt/ ).

Except for one thing. My blood pressure spiked very high during the actual infusion of the Lutathera. One nurse said that she had never seen blood pressure that high. Now, 24 hours later, it has reduced to much less high but still not in the normal range.

The clinic doctor and nurses had me make an appointment with my cardiologist for within the next week. It should be interesting since I am already taking the maximum of my current bp medication.

May we all have the best possible outcomes.

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  1. You know they have been recalling bp pills almost weekly. Check to see if your is one on the recall list. You do tors should have given you more bp meds, and not let your bp get that high. Just saying.

  2. It’s always something. My guess is that it will be back to your normal. I have had mine spike during procedures only to go back down later. Keeping fingers crossed.

  3. You are only the second person that I have heard of with having BP spike. Did the nurses or doctor think this was common? Or maybe common with folks already on BP meds?

    1. My impression was that they did not think it common at all. Now, 2 days later it’s still a bit higher than my norm. I will see the cardiologist Wednesday

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