Donate Tumor Tissue for Research

This from our friend and member Annie Farrell:

A subject to let our fellow NET travelers know about.  I haven’t had tissue taken in a long time.  Don’t think the biopsy two years ago of the golf ball sized tumor near my thyroid counts since they probably just biopsied it, saw it was NET and threw away the remains.


Donate Tumor Tissue to Help Research

Consenting to donate excess tumor tissue, from a biopsy or surgical procedure, helps advance our knowledge of NETs by providing researchers with an essential resource. See our FAQs about tumor tissue donation. (MORE)


Patients can donate tumor tissue through links to an electronic consent form where patients can learn more about contributing. Should a patient decide to provide consent, arranges for excess tumor tissue to be shipped from a patient’s institution to the NETRF cell line research laboratory.

Make sure to talk to your doctor several weeks in advance of your procedure about your plan to donate excess tumor tissue.

If you donate a portion of your tumor tissue to the NETRF Cell Line Project, you can also choose to donate tissue to the institution where you undergo your procedure.

Thanks Annie for valuable information in the fight against NETS!

2 Replies to “Donate Tumor Tissue for Research”

  1. Hello, I now have Two Carcinoid Tumors on My Lungs and would like to Register the Donating Them or Any Tissue Wanted. Had Surgery Nov 2014 to remove 2/3s of Right Lung Tumor. Then, 18 months later, had Five New Organ Carcinoid Tumors, on Liver, Thyroid, Abdomen and Both 1 1/3 Lungs. I had Prayed and Six Months later, .Jesus came and Spoke to Me. Said, I WOULD. BE. FINE. Six Months later, My CT Scan showed that Three of My Five Tumors were Gone !! AND, My MBC, Metastatic Breast Cancer that I got Six Months after the Other Cancer, Was Now in Remission. My Oncologist said, I Had Been Blessed Twice !! WOW, And, I Cried for Two Days,

  2. P.S. My First Tumor was called Suspicious and CT Scan Checked annually for Three Years. After the next two years, I had breathing difficulties and was put on a daily Inhibiter by Pulmonary Doctor. It Only Took Two Years for Tumor to form into a Carcinoid and Move from Left Upper Shoulder to left side of Right Lung and beside My Heart ( that’s in wrong spot & somehow in center of My Chest, maybe because I was a 4# 7oz baby ). Doctor only tested for Asthma and did nothing more since I was Negative. BUT, If Doctor had taken an X-ray, He would have found Carcinoid Lung Tumor before it had Spread !! My Life is Now Ruined because of His Stupidity. I Always Say, Get Second Opinions and I Hadn’t This Time !!

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