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  1. Great idea. i am so very thankful for the work that Dr. Kunz and Josh Mailman have done with the other doctors to get real special to NETs patients the info we and our caregivers need. I am isolated at home pending the resultss of my Covid 19 test, have waited two full days alreaddy. Testing really needs to ramp up! I had been sick for five days with fever, sore throat and a lot of breathing trouble (very unusual for me, can’t remember ever having a respiratory infection). I went to the UCH 24 Hour ER and was given fluids, some medicine for pain and multiple tests I was diagnosed with a virus called Human Metapneumovirus. And cleared of influenze, pnemonia, and 7 other corona viruses. It is a new viral thing that apparently most of the 5 year olds have. It was just discovered in 2012 so no medicine has been found although theree are ongoing tests for it. It can be dangerous for an old (76) cancer patient with a compromised immune system. I have had it now for 7 or 8 days and have been totally energyless with no appetite, trouble breathing that one night got scary.
    I wanted to let those of you who may get an illness during this crisis that the UCH 24 Hour ER on Mississippi Ave in Aurora was fantastic and professional! I was seen immediately by protected garbed nurse and doctor, given intravenous fluids, got a chest xray for pnemonia, tested for eeverything in the world, never near anyone else, in and out in 2 and 1/2 hours. If any of y’all feel ill, instead of the hospital which are breeding grounds, I highly recommend this facility. In the meantime I am isolated at home with my dear husband as a caregiver (we may starve as his chef skills are very below par) and beginning to feel better. I am wearing a mask and sanitizing the house twice a day. Hope none of y’all get sick but if you do, I really recommend the UCH 24 hour ER!!!

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